Individual Counseling

Are the past actions of others still affecting how you see yourself and how you behave?

I listen to amazing stories of survival and endurance and work with people who are ready to pick up the pieces.

No one plans to have relationships that harm them. We aren't taught how to let go of experiences that leave us wounded and confused. Together we can uncover the creative unique qualities that make you YOU!

Your experience in a negative relationship or a difficult family does not need to control how you see yourself. Trauma does not need to define you. I collaborate with you to identify and build on your strengths and together we work towards you feeling comfortable in your own skin.

You're tired of feeling out of control. You don't want the trauma to tell you how to live your life anymore. You know there is more to you than these experiences. You can see that others are able to connect and enjoy life and you want to invite that into your life too!

You know it is time to face what you have been running from for so long.

You don't need to face it alone.

Let's create a safe space
and face it together. Here is how:

I use a combination of Narrative and Trauma focused therapies that give you control over your relationship with trauma and create change. You will discover that it is possible to step away from your experience and get to know yourself in a new light as we work together to process your relationship with your experience.

I work with clients who suffer from a range of symptoms related to their trauma including: physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, incest, neglect, rape, dissociation, cult and ritual abuse, attachment/boundary issues, trouble engaging and maintaining intimacy.

I do this by joining with you to understand and negotiate your relationship with trauma. We set the pace of our work together and discover how trauma has hidden parts of you away and how we can invite those parts back. Trust is incredibly important as we work together and I encourage you to take whatever steps are necessary so that we can build trust as we work.

Ready to get started?

You can contact me at my Pasadena office for an initial session or call to schedule a free 20 minute consultation session. Call me at 1-818-659-5785 or email me at